roofers on a roof doing roof repairs


Shingle roofs are economical at installation. Typically, with proper care, they can last many years. Even so, they are susceptible to storm damage, and need regular maintenance. If you suspect your Florida home needs shingle roof repair, K.L. SMITH ROOFING EXPERTS stands ready to assist you. We offer FREE roof inspections. If your shingle roof has suffered hurricane damage, we are here to help.

A passing storm may concern you. Should you check your Polk county home’s shingle roof for possible damage? At K.L. SMITH INC ROOFING EXPERTS, we advise against any homeowner going up on a roof; even a low-pitched roof can be a slippery, dangerous place. Please survey damage from the ground or from an extension ladder.

Look for these signs of Storm Damage:
Blunt impact damage from tree branches or wind-tossed debris hitting the roof
Dimpling and cracks from hail
Uplift, torn or raised shingles from winds
Missing or loose shingles, especially along a roof edge
Displaced flashing or drip edge

You can also scope out the need for shingle roof repair after a storm by examining the underside of your roof, from your attic.

Look for indications of Water Infiltration:
Damp insulation
Water spots
Blackened or darkened wood on sheathing or rafters
Damaged rooftop ventilators
Dripping water around chimneys, sanitary stacks and other roof penetrations

You may also notice discoloration on ceilings, indicating a slow drip from a leaky roof. Shingle roofs are water resistant, not watertight; shingle roof repair may be necessary to uncover failed underlayment. K.L. SMITH ROOFING EXPERTS recommend replacing tarpaper underlayment with Rhino synthetic underlayment, which seals around nails to keep water completely out.

Routine Roof Inspection and Maintenance

At K.L. SMITH INC. Roofing we recognize that many Polk County homeowners seek the economy and reliability of shingle roofs. They are the single most popular roofing material in America, and can offer a decade or more of good service. With regular inspection and maintenance from K.L. SMITH, your Florida home’s shingle roof may never need substantial shingle roof repair. But when you do, look to K.L. SMITH to make a noticeable difference.