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Roofing Review – Deborah W.

In the past week I had dealings with your business. All should know what an outstanding experience

this was. I had a roofing issue that needed to be addressed. Not being familiar with any roofers I had

to pick a name out of a hat. Boy did I do good!!! My contacts with Jessalyn and Ryan were nothing BUT

pleasant, professional and efficient. My appointment was scheduled within the time frame I needed.

Ryan arrived exactly at that time. My roofing issue was resolved and questions I did not know to ask

were answered. The cost was exactly what I could afford. In today’s crazy times I was apprehensive

about what I might get into. The experience I had with your business has reassured me that there are

still good people out there!! Thank you all very much, Deborah W.

Windows Review – Bill

Dear JR, It is past time for me to put into writing how much I appreciate what you have done for me.

First, thanks again for the superior window job that you and your crew did on our home. They look

great! Second, thank you for sending the requested inspection forms so promptly. You truly are a man

of your word! Third, thank you for being such a great guy with whom to work – pleasant, thorough,

knowledgeable – you are a good man! Most sincerely, Bill S.